Astypalaia, also known as the butterfly of the Aegean due to its geographical shape, is the westernmost island of the prefecture of the Dodecanese, but in its architecture strongly resembles that of the Cyclades, maintaining at the same time its characteristics as an island of the Dodecanese. Famous for the Venetian Castle that dominates the Chora and the perfectly preserved Windmills, it is certain that Astypalaia will enchant you with its beauty. Wander through the Chora alleys with countless shops, restaurants and cafes, continue on Pera Gialos where the picturesque port of the island is located as well as the archeological museum and explore with buses or your vehicle the settlements Livadi and Analipsis or Maltezana where you will be able to enjoy your bath as well as a meal at the nearby restaurants and taverns with the excellent options they offer you.

The most “secluded” beaches of the island are also noteworthy with their blue-green and crystal clear waters. Kaminakia, Vatses, Agios Konstantinos, Plakes, Ble Limanaki and Psili Ammos are just some of them that are worth visiting. Also, near Astypalea there are 2 small islands in the southeast, Kounoupa and Koutsomytis, where day trips are made (link to Astypalea Tours site) and you will find crystal clear emerald waters, beautiful sandy beaches and it is an experience that every visitor deserves . If you take this walk you will also see Kokkinos Gremos, an impressive landscape with wonderful waters, an ideal spot for swimming and which will surely remain etched in your memory.


Located on the ring road between Pera Gialos and Chora, our accommodation will fascinate you with its magical view towards the endless blue as well as towards the settlement of Chora where the imposing Venetian Castle dominates.

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